COVID19 – Colonsay Community Council – Community Update – 25th March 2020


Keeping Safe

Friends, in COVID-19 we face a challenge unprecedented in our lifetimes. Already our community has responded to that challenge and each day steps are being taken to secure our safety. That safety depends on us building on the steps being made to isolate Colonsay from the impact of COVID-19 and protect our most vulnerable people, so we must all follow the key current messages from government : stay home, only go out for your daily exercise or to the shop when necessary, when out social distance at all times, and when you get back home wash your hands and keep washing your hands regularly. Sticking to the rules will save the lives of our families and our friends.


Colonsay's Resilience

Colonsay's Community Council (CCC) acts as focal point within the community for you to express and share your concerns. The CCC then establishes community views and priorities, and shares these both back to the community and with government. The CCC is now having a virtual meeting each week to deal with urgent concerns and to check that they are being addressed, and the CCC is now reporting daily to Scottish Government on each day's new top priority issue for our island.


Coordination of key resources is taking place through Colonsay's resilience team, our own “Colonsay Cobra”. Information is being shared between the CCC, our GPs, our CalMac, Fire, Coastguard teams, and other key resources like the Shop and the Pantry. Already our concerns are being heard in Scottish Government and changes, like the ban on non-essential travel to the islands, are taking place. As we go forward together, we want to make sure we are all part of the process of making those changes.


Be Heard

The CCC is here to help you be heard. Your councillors want to hear your views and concerns about what is happening to us all in this crisis. We will be speaking to you where we can, but do contact any of us by phone or email, just not in person, please! We will then share your concerns amongst the CCC so that they can be addressed. There will be regular updates for the whole community by email, and by post for those without email, with reports on CCC meetings and the continued progress our community is making to come through this crisis together, whole and healthy.


Stay home, stay safe,


Keith (01951 200313)

Alex (07801 966229) alex@colonsayholidays.co.uk

Jane (07736 063073) jane@colonsayholidays.co.uk

David (01951 200318) david.hobhouse@isleofcolonsay.org.uk

Kevin (07831 474447) byrne@colonsay.eu

Liz (07715 201423) lizcolonsay@btinternet.com

Helen (07763 766126) hmann1706@yahoo.co.uk

Richard (07760 265856) richard.buttrick@btinternet.com


In case you have stumbled upon this page by accident, Colonsay is a beautiful island in the Hebrides with about 130 inhabitants. Just search online to find out more or use the "Links" facility at the foot of this page.

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