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Weekly Newsletter No 1, 1st April 2020

This weekly newsletter is going to every home on Colonsay by mail and to everyone on CCC's email contact list. Please say if email only is sufficient and to be added to the CCC's contact list, email David Hobhouse on david.hobhouse@isleofcolonsay.org.uk


Continue Keeping Safe

Our GPs have asked the council to emphasise that to continue to maintain our safety and protect our most vulnerable people, w e must all follow the key current messages from government :

•  stay home, only go out for your daily exercise

•  use the shop guidelines for shopping

•  when out social distance at all times, and

•  when you get back home wash your hands and keep washing your hands following the guidelines www.nhsinform.scotland/coronavirus

We're hearing this message a lot because it's vital. Following the rules is the way we all can contribute to overcoming COVID-19.


The GPs want to thank all the volunteers taking part in the Buddy scheme, who are enabling the most at-risk residents to endure their enforced social isolation. Those thanks are echoed by everyone in the community, and we all thank David and Jan for their tireless efforts and continuing on as “locum” doctors now that they have retired.


This week's top news

•  Food supplies to the shop remain good and Keir is doing a great delivery service across the island. Call him on 200265 or by email info@colonsayshop.net

•  The Post Office is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Outwith those hours call Jane Rose on 200344

•  Brogans are delivering home fuel oil on Friday. Call them on 0345 600 9294 now if you want a delivery. They may not be back for some time


Colonsay's Resilience

Across our community people are finding new ways to support each other. All our vulnerable people are getting support, and we are adapting to remotely accessing our GPs: remember to call first before going to the surgery. Gavin is providing meals to pick up or deliver and on Facebook the Colonsay Community Noticeboard is a rich source of information and light relief.


A lot of work is happening behind the scenes. The CCC is meeting at least weekly by phone to find new ways to support and protect our community. In the last week the CCC used a hot line to Scottish Government to raise the impact of unregistered patients on our island's health service and successfully got CalMac to adapt this Friday's service to allow Brogans essential heating oil delivery. CCC and CCDC are working together, with Dannie Onn coordinating requests to Scottish Government for financial support for the community, including requests by CCC for funding for a food bank, to fund someone to help people get benefits and for money for fuel for the many people supporting our vulnerable folk.


Be Heard

As always, the CCC is here to help you be heard. Your councillors want to hear your views and concerns about what is happening to us all in this crisis. We are happy for you to contact us by phone or email, but if you prefer drop a letter or note into the Post Office (anonymously is you wish) it will get to us. Our next weekly call is on 7 th April.


Stay home, stay safe,


Keith (01951 200313)

Alex (07801 966229) alex@colonsayholidays.co.uk

Jane (07736 063073) jane@colonsayholidays.co.uk

David (01951 200318) david.hobhouse@isleofcolonsay.org.uk

Kevin (01951 200320) byrne@colonsay.eu

Liz (07715 201423) lizcolonsay@btinternet.com

Helen (07763 766126) hmann1706@yahoo.co.uk

Richard (07760 265856) richard.buttrick@btinternet.com

In case you have stumbled upon this page by accident, Colonsay is a beautiful island in the Hebrides with about 130 inhabitants. Just search online to find out more or use the "Links" facility at the foot of this page.

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