Annual General Meeting of Colonsay Community Council

Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 6pm via Video/Audio Call


Interim Convener Alex Howard

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard

Treasurer (interim) Kevin Byrne

Richard Irvine


All councillors were present.

Councillor Alastair Redman (ABC) present.

There were 20 members of the public in attendance. Names recorded separately.


1. Apologies

Sheena Nisbet


2. Declarations of interest

Will be recorded at appropriate points in the meeting.

Recording of meeting was noted.


3. Minutes of last AGM held in May 2019 .

Approval proposed by AH, seconded by RI.


4. Convenors annual report

Report given and is attached.

No questions from the floor.


5. Secretary's annual report

JH reported that she had written 33 letters to various public bodies on behalf of the CCC since the last AGM, mostly to A&B council re public services and also to Calmac, Royal Mail, Scottish Government islands liaison officer and Melissa Stewart (ABC governance Officer) regarding governance issues. Everything is recorded in the Minutes of each meeting since the last AGM and are posted on the CCC website.

No questions from the floor.


6. Submission of annual accounts (certified as correct)

Last Treasurer resigned in April and KB took over at that point. He has pulled together the accounts with the help of a member of the community which includes the management of the Community Benefit Fund (CBF). KB gave a summary of the financial position which can be seen in the Accounts posted on the CCC website.

It has been recommended that the CCC takes steps to improve the governance of the CBF. In particular, we must file full application details and any conditions. This must be minuted as well as the name of the applicant and the amount approved.

Proposal to approve and submit the accounts to ABC from AH. Seconded by RI.

No questions from the floor.



7. Election of Office bearers

All office bearers stood down. KB proposed AH as Convener, RI seconded. AH proposed KB as Treasurer and seconded by JH. JH was proposed as secretary by RI, KB seconded. All office bearers were duly elected.


8. Future meetings and date of next AGM

Have to have a minimum of 4 meetings each year. JH said that the CCC has always had more meetings than this. JH proposed that we move to every second month ie 6 meetings per year. To be held on the first Tuesday of every other month starting in December.

Hybrid meetings are to be allowed soon – combination of face to face and video link – and JH proposed that we move to hybrid meetings once we are able.

The village hall does not currently have the facility for video link but in the meantime, it was suggested that we could hold hybrid meetings in the church.

D.O.N.M. : The next AGM has to be by June 2022 so will be held in that month.


The AGM was declared closed.

In case you have stumbled upon this page by accident, Colonsay is a beautiful island in the Hebrides with about 130 inhabitants. Just search online to find out more or use the "Links" facility at the foot of this page.

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