Public Ordinary Meeting of Colonsay Community Council

Tuesday 26th April 2022 at 6 pm in Colonsay Church and via Video/Audio Call


Convener Alex Howard

Secretary Jane Howard

Treasurer Kevin Byrne

Richard Irvine


All councillors were present.

Councillor Alastair Redman (ABC) present.

There were approximately 8 members of the public in attendance in person and 8 by video/audio.


1. Apologies


2. Declarations of interest

Will be recorded at appropriate points in the meeting.

Recording of meeting was noted.

3. Minutes of public meeting held on Wed 14th Dec 2021.

Minutes proposed to be accepted by RI, seconded by JH.

4. Matters arising

•  Emergency plan

KB - nothing to be added, covered in last meeting

•  Education consultation

KB - nothing to add. Consultation ongoing.

•  EE mast

AH reports that it is working for the emergency services but it is not working for normal phone services. Some older routers have been found to work but new routers do not.


5. Proposal to amend the Constitution and Standing Orders to enable hybrid meetings (see attached amended Constitution and Standing Orders)

The proposal is to enable attendance at meetings remotely. The proposal to amend the Constitution and Standing Orders was put to the 12 attendees in the church. One person dissented, one abstained. Therefore more than 2/3s of those present were for the proposal (10 out of 12 people).

From the floor, it was suggested that amendments should be made to the financial arrangements in the Constitution. AH agreed that this could be looked at next time.

JH stated that this proposal was for hybrid meetings only and as 2/3 of those present supported the motion, the motion to amend the Constitution and Standing Orders to enable hybrid meetings should be proposed and passed by the Community Councillors. JH proposed and KB seconded and the motion was duly carried.


6. Financial

A £14,000 invoice has been issued to MOWI which should be paid soon. The COCF stands at £29156.90

Payments made: £2.10 to CCDC for photocopying; £12.75 for photocopying to Service Point. £ 1022.99 in current account.


7. Royal Mail

RI has not heard back from the Royal Mail contact at CEO's office.

RI to write another letter ccing in MSPs etc again.


8. Roads

Summary of proposed road works from A&B Council sent to the CCC. JH read out main points. It was agreed that the proposals were ignoring some key areas such as the road to KB and the airport road and required an urgent response.

KB made the point that there is a limited budget and that the Council is considering the road use of residents as a priority.

AH proposed that JH to send a copy to all constituents and invite comment before responding to A&B Council.

From the floor it was asked that paper copies be put up in the shop or given to the 5 people without email.

It was further brought up, (FTF) that farm traffic needs to be considered on the Kiloran road.


9. Colonsay Community Fund

3 applications were considered by committee of 6 volunteer residents during Feb and Mar via zoom meetings with at least 5 members present at each meeting.

Recommendations made (with conditions) for:

•  Dr Willetts for £4000 towards the cost of more defibrillators on the island* at Kilchattan and at the north of the island

•  Graham Mc Whirter for £2800 for a portable hydraulic hose suaging machine to replace broken hydraulic hoses.

•  Jamie Leppard for £1950 for garden maintenance equipment to set up a new business. This will help to enable a young person to remain on the island


All conditions ensure that the equipment is returned to the community if the applicant either gives up or leaves the island in the following 3 years.

JH proposed that the applications were accepted and AH seconded.


Jan Binnie was asked by the CCC 4 months ago to review future management of the COCF and reported on the proposals. Jan, Sheena Nisbet, Dylan Dady, Barbara Clark, Richard Buttrick sat on a committee to consider the future of the COCF guided by RI. These have been circulated to the Community prior to the meeting.

Main proposals are:

•  Website; better communication

•  Paid administrator to run the fund

•  More emphasis on community resilience

•  Mission statement

•  Buddy (mentor) system

•  Hardship fund - Feedback from the community has supported a hardship fund


There is more work to be done.

AH thanked JB for all her work. RI reported that the paid administrator post will be subject of an application to the COCF.

JH asked what are the next steps?

JB said that the proposals are to be adopted; feedback is invited re the proposals on the website; submit an application for the funded administrator post; send proposals to MOWI and MOWI have endorsed everything so far

AH asked JB if she would be happy to continue working on the review of the management of the COCF. JB agreed.

It was asked FTF about how applications for funding for projects that would compete with an existing business would be handled. RI and JH agreed that this should be considered within the context of any application.

RI proposed that the proposed changes to the management of the COCF be adopted. KB seconded.


Possible COCF donation towards the Ukrainian crisis was discussed. Main points:

•  A member of the community asked if the COCF could consider making a donation

•  The majority (87%) of the community who responded supported the idea so the CCC proposed that a donation of £4000 be made to Roz Jewell's fundraising effort

•  A few people objected and said that it was a misuse of funds as it was not within the remit of the COCF fund so the CCC withdrew the proposal to donate

•  The Community Councillors had differing views so acted as a conduit to find out what the community wanted


FTF it was said that it was not up to the Community Councillors to decide on use of COCF funds, it needs to be done as a formal application. Another person FTF recognised that the community wants to donate to Ukraine but the correct process needs to be followed for use of the COCF. Another speaker FTF concurred. JB said that the COCF is for the community of Colonsay and Oronsay not for Ukraine. There are other ways of islanders supporting Ukraine.

Another speaker FTF said that the response of the community was very positive and that should also be recognised.

AH agreed that all the points made were valid and the CCC recognises that the proposal should have been made differently.

JH agreed that it was not handled appropriately and agreed with all the points made and said that the proposal was made with good intentions but there was always a question mark over it and the CCC fully accepts that it should have been proposed as per the terms of the COCF.


10. Ferry service consultation

JH reported that the CCC has been invited to attend a meeting by Calmac where there is a proposal from Calmac and Transport Scotland to move our mainland ferry link from Oban to Kennacraig. The meeting includes Islay Ferry Committee.

JH will send out an email to get as much feedback as possible to enable the CCC to make as robust a response as possible.

KB raised the point that we have also fought to preserve our Islay link on Wed and Sat so that may have been misconstrued. He also reminded everyone that we have been told many things by Calmac that have not been honoured eg loose freight

FTF, it was said that Don McKillop (our Calmac area manager) goes to CC meetings and suggested we invite him to our meetings going forward.

AR suggested speaking to Jim Porteous prior to the meeting.

Meeting is on 10 th May. The Community Councillors will attend and report back.


11. Air service

There is a consultation going on at the moment. The link has been circulated and AH encourages people to respond as the air service is constantly under threat due to financial constraints.


12. Coronavirus

Nothing to report.


13. Planning applications

AH and JH declared an interest. A speaker FTF declared an interest.

RI reported that there are 3 applications for building plots north east of Milbuie. He reiterated that the CCC has a policy of not commenting unless it is of public interest.

It was asked FTF asked why do we list the applications if we don't comment on them?

FTF it was pointed out that as planning applications are no longer available in the PO then it is probably useful to list any applications at the CCC meetings.

It was agreed that the CCC will continue to list planning applications as a useful source of information.


14. AOBS

KB made the point that there are council elections coming up and we should note that we have 2 Councillors, Robin Currie and Alastair Redman, who make an effort to attend most of our meetings. He thanked them for their support.

KB raised the issue of the airport road which needs to be repaired. He also said that people are driving all over the golf course which seems a shame.

FTF was raised an objection to the landowner stopping parking on their grassland at the harbour.

FTF was raised the issue of lack of car parking at the harbour.

JH agreed that parking should be provided safely and appropriately for the users of the harbour. JH believes it is a Council responsibility to provide public car parking.

FTF was asked about Calmac allowing parking outside of ferry times.

FTF it was affirmed that there is no way that Calmac can have cars left in the marshalling lanes because it is so much busier now and there are more requirements for the lanes; people do not comply with fixed hours; and there are H&S issues too now.

Also, FTF, it was asked if striped poles could be replaced in the passing places.

FTF it was asked how to put items on the CCC agenda. JH said to let her know 2 weeks before.


15. Next meeting on 14th June and will be an AGM followed by an Ordinary meeting.

*We need to know where the defibrillators are, to go on next agenda. It was officially confirmed that the Calmac defibrillator is available at all times.


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