Public Ordinary Meeting of Colonsay Community Council

Tuesday 15th February 2022 at 6 pm in Colonsay Church and via Video/Audio Call




Convener Alex Howard

Secretary Jane Howard

Treasurer Kevin Byrne

Richard Irvine


All councillors were present.

Councillors Robin Currie and Alastair Redman (ABC) present.

There were approximately 7 members of the public in attendance in person and 7 by video/audio.

1. Apologies


2. Declarations of interest

Will be recorded at appropriate points in the meeting.

Recording of meeting was noted.

3. Minutes of public meeting held on Wed 14th Dec 2021.

Minutes proposed to be accepted by KB, seconded by RI.


4. Matters arising

•  Emergency plan

KB reports that Emergency plan has been reviewed and updated. The Village Hall is planning to install a PV array and batteries to provide resilience so that there will be some heat and light in the event of a power cut.  

•  Education consultation

KB reported that he had 10 people involved in a local consultation. They came up with a number of recommendations however the situation has moved on somewhat. As far as Kilchattan primary is concerned, it is thought that there will not be much change. The Parent Council has highlighted 3 concerns that they are putting to ABC.

AH thanked KB for putting in a lot of work on this consultation.

•  EE mast

Still not working for internet connection via a router for Rhona Robinson. KB reported that Martin Winlow was able to install a device to enable a 4G router at Longfield in other words in the middle of the dead area. It was suggested RR get in touch with Martin.

•  Dannie Onn (DO) for CCDC reports that he is still to pass details of road works for new houses to the Council to see if there can be any coordination with general roadworks for Colonsay.


5. Financial Report

KB reports that both he and Richard Irvine can access internet banking and are both signatories to the bank accounts.

Two payments have been made by the CCC from the Community Benefit Fund. On 15 th Dec, Jen MacNeill was paid £466 for music tutoring. On 17 th Dec, the Church of Scotland was paid £1094.80 for installation of 4G and broadcasting equipment which is available for community use.

£29156.42 in account held for CBF.

Current account: £411 paid in by ABC. Balance stands at £1025.09


6. Royal Mail

JH reported that she had written to CEO of Royal Mail (twice) having copied in politicians etc regarding the poor mail service in the winter and has now had a more positive response from them. They have asked for more detail on the projected volumes of perishable goods to be shipped. JH has handed over to RI to compile the data and respond.


7. Roads

Robin Currie (A&B County Councillor) reported that there is not enough money in the roads budget so he identified a separate fund that could be applied to for Colonsay's roads. He really wanted to help and an award of £300,000 has been made from this separate fund. JH asked if Kirsty Flanagan will be the point of contact and RC confirmed.

£40,000 has also been awarded by the A&B Council to CCDC to create a campsite.


8. Community Benefit Fund

RI reported on the review and consultation of the CBF.

Jan Binnie (co-opted to this task) has done a lot of work consulting a good sample of the community on the process and management of the CBF and produced a report which has been circulated.

The CBF has been in operation for 5 years therefore it is a good time to review it.

RI and JB would like to form a sub committee to make some formal recommendations.

DO said that within the proposals, there didn't seem to be much on process.

RI responded that there are protocols and communication methods to be determined. Written guidelines will be drawn up, a brochure will be available. He agreed that there is lots of tidying up to do with the process. Also award criteria needs to be reviewed and MOWI will need to be consulted on this.

RI is looking for 6 to 8 people that represent a broad section of the community to go on the sub committee. JB offered to pull together a sub committee.

AH thanked JB and RI for their work.

RI said that there are 2 current applications made to the CBF and he has formed a review committee to consider these.


9. Covid update

AH reported that we are being guided by the NHS and Doctors guidelines, as well as adhering to government guidelines. Dr Willetts is to produce a leaflet that will go out to all holiday visitors.


10. Planning Applications

Only one application for a chough house on Oronsay

DO reported that non material amendment to Scalasaig housing has been deemed not requiring PP.

AR (A&B County Councillor) declared an interest on Planning matters.


11. Any other Business

AH has been asked by George Leppard to highlight the increasingly long time between rubbish collection. This is a problem for rodent control. He also highlighted that Oronsay can only bring rubbish over on the right tides and every 3 weeks doesn't work for them. The proposal is to ask for every second weekly rubbish collection.

Action: JH to write to Kirsty Flanagan to request fortnightly collection.


The CCDC asked DO to write to A&B Council regarding the loss of the Colonsay registrar and he wanted to know if the CCC had a view. JH asked what the concern was. DO said that it was a concern about registering a death which can be difficult.

JH said that her understanding is that the registering of deaths and births is going online universally so there is no longer a need for a registrar. If someone wants to get married on the island the Council has undertaken to send someone over.

JH suggested that we need to determine why the post is not needed?

RC offered to investigate the background.

From the floor, it was said that the online registering of deaths is very straightforward and works well.

Jan Binnie highlighted the problem that a body cannot leave the island without a death certificate and this may be a problem with online registrations.

Action: JH to write to ABC to ask how this issue will be dealt with as well as getting the background info.


It was asked from the floor what was happening with possible malicious damage to properties on the island? AH made the point that all incidents must be reported to the police. AH said that the local policeman had not been informed of a specific incident that had been reported locally. The resident affected was told that the incident had been reported but he didn't handle it himself. It was reiterated that residents must report any incident of concern to the police in order for it to be dealt with. Our Community police officer is Jeremy Moore based in Oban police station.

KB suggested that we should consider an all weather outdoor keep fit facility for older residents on the island. If there is a good level of interest, he will bring it to a future meeting. WLK offered to help.


JH raised the issue of huge increase in utility prices and that RC (and all highland councils) is lobbying Westminster because the Highlands and Islands is facing a disproportionate increase in prices because of anomalies, utility costs are 60% higher charges than elsewhere in Scotland.

Action: JH to write to MP/MSP/Minister to complain about this anomaly.


The CCC is updating the community database. We believe we have a pretty comprehensive database now but please get in touch if you would like to be added.


12. Next meeting 26th April 2022 at 6pm.


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