Draft Minutes of Colonsay Community Council

Tuesday 26 th May 2020 at 6pm by video/phone

Convenor Keith Rutherford

Vice Convener Alex Howard

Treasurer David Hobhouse

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard

Richard Buttrick

Liz McNicholl

Helen Mann

Kevin Byrne


All present plus Donald MacNeill, minute secretary.

1. Minutes of emergency meeting on 19th May were accepted without comment.

2. SG Phased Lifting of “Lockdown”

Timing and impact on Colonsay

RB started a discussion on the possible timing of “phase 3” of the easing of lockdown which is the point at which the Scottish Government may sanction free movement. The earliest this could happen, in his opinion having studied the guidelines, would be mid- August.

RB stated that members of the community had expressed concern that this might happen in the more immediate future.

It was re-asserted that restrictions were unlikely to be completely relaxed until, at the earliest, mid-August.

There then followed a general discussion about the implications of the easing of lockdown, and possible Island response. The main points are summarised below.

•  Colonsay Tourism and Marketing Group (CTMG) have started work on a “Colonsay Charter” intended to give guidance to visitors, commercial or otherwise, when they are invited to return to the Island. A draft of this was made available to CCC.

Helen (HM) argued strongly that it was much too early to have started work on this document and that there was unrest in “the community” about it.

Kevin (KB) responded that:

The charter was in no way an invitation to visitors to start coming to Colonsay.

The charter was designed as an aid to businesses for when they resumed trading.

The timing of this would be governed by SG guidelines, and the feelings of the wider community.

He felt however that notwithstanding the above CTMG members were at liberty to draw up guidelines for the conduct of their own businesses.

•  DH suggested the discussion be moved on as to how to canvass the community regarding relaxation of lockdown. In particular does Colonsay adhere strictly to Scottish guidelines or proceed at its own, slower, pace?

It was decided that a questionnaire be circulated. HM was keen on a Survey Monkey (digital) version. RB added that there would have to be a paper fall-back to avoid digital exclusion.

It was agreed that 1 questionnaire per household would be sufficient.

It was agreed that the process should be repeated regularly, perhaps every three weeks.

It was agreed that RB would draw up a list of questions which would be discussed by e-mail and if necessary there will be a meeting on Friday to discuss it further.

KR asked if Colonsay was aware of other islands' actions. JH said she had been in touch informally and the intentions seemed to vary on different Islands.

4. Newsletter

Will be used to explain the questionnaire.


DH had been approached by a member of the community who will be coming back to the Island, self-isolating and then proceeding with essential work, asking if they might bring a friend. CCC felt they could not approve this.

KR asked about re-cycling. It was thought that according to SG guidelines this was to re-start on 28th May. RB will check with George.

DH stated there is a ferry from Islay on Saturday 30th, should anyone want any freight delivered.


Ordinary Meeting to be held Tuesday 2nd June @ 6pm. Phone/Zoom


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