Draft Minutes of Colonsay Community Council

Tuesday 19th May 2020 at 6pm by video/phone

Convenor Keith Rutherford

Vice Convener Alex Howard

Treasurer David Hobhouse

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard

Richard Buttrick

Liz McNicholl

Helen Mann

Kevin Byrne


7 present plus Donald MacNeill (minute secretary)

Apologies were received from Helen Mann.

Minutes of meeting 12th May were accepted without comment.

1. Continuation of Lockdown.

•  Visiting Yachts

RB sent a memo to the Scottish Government asking that they take action to remind yachters that hobby sailing is at present prohibited.

•  Broadband

Following the recent council discussion (5.5.2020) about making Kilchattan school broadband available to the Colonsay pupils there was some misunderstanding .The Community Council understood that all Argyll and Bute schools were closed by the authority, hence questions were directed to them. The council accepted that it would have been courteous to consult with the Headteacher, and while absolutely no criticism was intended, or implied it was decided that the secretary would write to the Headteacher apologising for the misunderstanding.

There followed a discussion about broadband provision on the Island. AH reported that agreement had been reached with EE regarding the siting of a mast at the old lookout hut which should improve 4g coverage in Kilchattan.

It was reported by HM that school students were managing with existing BB.

There had been no further community feedback.

2. Community Resilience

The community hub is functioning well. LMN

Ruby Weatherhead telephoned round the Island to make sure everyone was aware of assistance that is available if needed.

3. Evolution of Lockdown

“Colonsay Charter”

JH reported that Colonsay Tourism and Marketing Group (CTMG) is working on a charter which will detail guidelines and protocol to be followed when visitors are invited to come to the Island. “Visitors” include workers, tourists, 2nd home owners, returning residents and private house guests…everyone!

She stressed that CTMG is conscious that the welfare and protection of the local community is paramount and this charter must be ready to be actioned immediately the Scottish government lifts travel restrictions.

They have looked at practice in other areas, mainland and Island, and once a draft is ready this will be submitted for scrutiny by CCC. It is intended CCC and CTMG members will have sight of a draft copy before the next meeting.

When the charter is complete tourism operators and guests will be invited to sign up to it.

JH reported that she had received enquiries from 2nd home owners looking for advice as to when they might be able to return.

The council commented that staying in a 2nd home is not against regulations but unnecessary travel is.

4. Newsletter

It was decided not to send round a newsletter this week.

5. A.O.B.

•  KB had been asked by a member of the public to discuss a possible fund to which visitors might contribute and which would be used to help the NHS. (This assumed they were saving money by staying at home).

The council felt that such people would be contributing in their local areas.

•  KB was asked by the local council operative if the CCC would request a new litter bin to replace the burnt out and unsightly one at the strand.

The council did not support this but suggested volunteers be found to paint the existing one.

•  A list of workers coming on Friday's ferry will be circulated. It is hoped, weather permitting, that this ferry will stay for 6 hours in order that workers can leave without the necessity of an overnight stay.

DH asked that, due to uncertain weather, we might receive 48 hours notice if this ‘special' sailing is to be cancelled. He will contact Calmac.

•  DH Is hoping to organise a ferry from Islay in a few weeks to deliver livestock feed. There would be a chance for other people to make use of the direct link.

DONM Tuesday 26th May @ 6pm by ZOOM.

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