Draft Minutes of Colonsay Community Council

Tuesday 12th May 2020 at 6pm by video/phone

Convenor Keith Rutherford

Vice Convener Alex Howard

Treasurer David Hobhouse

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard

Richard Buttrick

Liz McNicholl

Helen Mann

Kevin Byrne


Present: All councillors plus Donald MacNeill, minute secretary.

Keith welcomed all to the meeting and asked Alex to chair as Keith joins by phone and has no visual with the committee. Alex agreed.

1. Minutes of ordinary meeting.

These will be adopted at the next ordinary meeting.


2. Continuation of Lockdown.

•  Change to temporary ferry timetable.

DH had a conversation with Don Mckillop (Calmac) regarding the resumption of the summer ferry timetable. It was felt that as there has been no change in SG lockdown advice Colonsay should continue with present arrangements with a review in three weeks or in line with a change in SG guidelines.

Present Arrangements.

•  Ferries from Oban on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

•  Ferry to lie at pier on request to allow essential work, eg.mandatory vet checks.

•  Ferry from Islay on request in exceptional circumstances.

Visiting Workers.

There was a discussion regarding the need for workers to come to Colonsay.

It was felt that if suitable precautions were observed these should be permitted on a case by case basis.

Scenarios discussed and deemed reasonable were:

Visit by farrier Animal Welfare

Visit by Vet Animal Welfare

Delivery of caravan Accommodation crisis

Tradesmen When shown reasonable by need. Eg electrical problem

At this point Alex Howard declared an interest and asked how the committee viewed the visit of a carpet fitter in order to complete the renovation of a residential property which would permit the displaced family to move out of inadequate temporary housing.

It was felt that this would be permissible as strict isolation is possible and it solved a continuing welfare problem.

•  Visiting Yachts

RB suggested a memo to SG requesting a ban on yachts. This was approved by the council.

KR felt strongly the coastguard should be doing more. It was pointed out that they have no statutory powers and can only act on the instruction of the police.

•  Colonsay School

•  Robin Currie reported that Argyll and Bute Council were unaware that all pupils were children of keyworkers.

•  A & B were unaware of issues with broadband.

•  All A & B schools are closed.

It was decided HM would discuss with parents and feedback, including possible use of facility by secondary pupils.


Helen reported, very enthusiastically, that a candidate for the head teacher position had been interviewed. Ms Kim Bentley was offered and accepted the job starting after the summer.

•  Community Feedback

Appreciation was expressed to the part time members of the Colonsay community (2nd home owners) who have supported our vulnerable community by accepting SG guidelines. We look forward to welcoming them back when restrictions relax.

3. Community Resilience

The Colonsay Hub is up and running. Thanks to Ruby and the team.

4. Evolution of Lockdown.

In light of the Scottish Government's decision to maintain lockdown in its present form there was a discussion as to what role, if any, the CCC should have.

It was felt that it was important that the feelings of the community be assessed in order that we can be proactive in making our wishes known to SG.

RB asked what the situation was regarding residents needing, or wanting to visit the mainland. LMN replied that a few people had made emergency visits to the mainland, self- isolating on their return. She was not aware of any great desire for ‘shopping trips' but there is nothing to stop residents going under the same rules as the rest of Scotland.

There was a discussion as to when businesses might safely open up. This will be in light of SG advice and JH pointed out that businesses will have to learn how to adapt to accommodate the ‘new normal'.

It was decided that discussions on the relaxation/ending of lockdown should continue to be an agenda item. As always the council welcomes community feedback and suggestions, preferably by e-mail or in writing.


RB will circulate a draft Wednesday or Thursday.

6. AOB

•  Moorings.

CCC are happy to write a letter of support for this CCDC project. JH to act.

•  Visit of Farrier/Ferry Layover

DH will speak to Jan Binnie who is co-ordinating a visit from the farrier.

It was suggested that it would be sensible to try and arrange and co-ordinate other visits which would benefit from a ferry layover.

•  SSE Visit.

Power for proposed EE mast.

A surveyor wishes to visit to help facilitate power to the new EE mast which will improve emergency communications (and broadband provision) on Colonsay. Hebair are willing to lie over to allow him/her to walk to the site at the old lookout hut.

AH suggested this was essential work which could safely be carried out. The council agreed.

•  Parent's visit with children.

In compliance with guidelines regarding dual parenting, Del intends to spend a few nights with his children in a rented cottage. The family were, understandably, unwilling for the children to leave the Island. He has been isolated for 12 days, along with the other MOWI workers.

DONM Tuesday 19th May @ 6pm

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