Draft Minutes of Colonsay Community Council

Tuesday 5th May 2020 at 6pm by video/phone

Convenor Keith Rutherford

Vice Convener Alex Howard

Treasurer David Hobhouse

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard

Richard Buttrick

Liz McNicholl

Helen Mann

Kevin Byrne


Present: All councillors plus Donald MacNeill (minute secretary).

Fiona and John Griffiths, Sally Walker, William Knight, Dannie Onn, Dr Quayle, Councillor Robin Currie.

This meeting was the first public meeting to be held by “Zoom”. Members of the public were invited to attend and permitted to contribute to the discussion at the discretion of the chair.

Convenor Keith Rutherford opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. Due to technical issues he then asked Vice-Convenor Alex Howard to chair the meeting which he was happy to do.


1 . Minutes of Emergency Meetings

These were accepted by all and KB proposed they be adopted. KR seconded and the past minutes of the emergency meetings were adopted.

A copy of the draft minute of each meeting is posted by KB at WWW.colonsaycc.org.uk

2. Continuation of “Lockdown”

•  Ferries

The Wednesday ferry has now been reinstated and normal delivery services have resumed. It is desirable that members the community adopt appropriate quarantine procedures as recommended by the Scottish Government. 72 hours is agreed as an optimum length of time.


No statement of procedure has been received from the fish farm but anecdotal information is that the workers are acting responsibly. Liam McNeill acts as a link with the shop etc when required.

•  Face Masks

KB has sourced 250 masks from Hong Kong. These are non-medical types.

HM. Calmac is supplying 100 masks for staff to use at their discretion and they will be erecting a screen at the ticket office.

There was a lengthy discussion about how to use masks and their general efficacy. Dr Quayle pointed out that they were not a protection but would reduce the ‘aerosol' and prevent users spreading droplets over a wide area thus safeguarding other people. This would be particularly applicable in the shop. He also stressed that we shouldn't be buying masks at the risk of compromising supplies to the NHS. William Knight asked the Dr to confirm that there were different grades of mask which Dr Quail did.

LMN stated it was possible to make masks and there were lots of suggestions for patterns on the internet.

It was decided to put 50 of the masks Kevin had sourced at the shop for use by the public. KB will speak to Keir.

•  Visiting Yachts.

DH had been informed that a yacht had anchored at Oransay and 5 people and a dog had wandered round the Island over a 48 hour period.

JH stated that this was a police matter.

KR asked if the coastguard would not be a better agency to track and deal with straying yachts.

RB will check with local coast guard members, find out who is in charge and seek advice. He will also write a memo to the Scottish Government.

Councillor Currie said that a yacht had landed in Jura and was refused access to shop at the local store. It had also been moved on by the Belfast Coastguard.

•  Community Feedback

A member of the public had reported seeing a large (approx. 20) gathering of people at the pantry. They were observing the 2m rule.

DH will clarify with Gavin and AH suggested a reminder about the regulations be put in the newsletter.

•  Community Resilience.

LMN stated that the Colonsay Hub is now open in the old generator shed at Kilchattan. As well as food there will be books, games etc for the community to share. Details of how to contribute have been circulated by the manager Ruby Weatherhead. There will be food deliveries if required and people are being phoned to assess demand.

DH asked how much government money was available for stocking the foodbank. Dannie Onn, who applied for the funding under the auspices of CCDC, replied there was £2500 but there was flexibility in the utilisation of funds.

AH congratulated all concerned with getting the scheme going.

•  Mental Health

RB pointed out that while physical distancing was appropriate it was necessary to keep in contact with people who might be isolated. The term social isolation was misleading in this regard.

DR Quaylel:

•  Important that the community watches for people in trouble

•  The medical team are available to talk.

•  It should be recognised that some members of the community may require practical help.

4. Evolution of Lockdown.

Dr Quayle, in response to a question from JH said he would find out the best advice for Islanders returning after being on the mainland. There is some confusion as to whether it is 7 or 14 days self-isolating that is recommended

JH said it was important that a protocol be established in the event of residents coming and going.

Councillor Currie asked if there were any cases of Covid 19 on Colonsay. There are not. Dr Quaylel pointed out that you can't abolish risk and the community would need to decide the balance they deemed acceptable.

5. Newsletter

Masks/yachts/physical distancing/Colonsay Hub/ Mental Health/Community Fund/ Letter of Support CCDC.

6. Colonsay and Oransay Community Fund.

HM reported only one application, from Phil Jones, for funds towards weed-killer for the eradication of Rhododendrons. The sub-committee had approved the application.

This was agreed to be of value to the community and ratified by the council.

The fund is open for new applications and this will be advertised in the newsletter.

7. AOB

•  Lack of accessibility to adequate broadband.

DR Quayle said broadband in Doctors' house was poor but surgery was fine. He is in discussion with the IT dept. to try and find a solution as, if a Doctor is self-isolating it is important the communications in the house are functional.

KB asked if poor broadband was inhibiting the delivery of education. HM replied that it was.

Various possibilities were suggested for improving provision, including using the school which has good broadband.

JH asked who the key workers were among parents and it appears that 5, or possibly 7/7 of the children are children of key workers. JH then asked for clarification from RC as to why the school is not open for these children. He agreed to investigate.

It was also suggested that Martin Winlow be asked to investigate broadband provision as he has expertise in this field.

•  Letter of support for CCDC application for a Marine Licence for moorings at Queen's Bay.

The Community Council wanted reassurance that this project had the backing of the community. Dannie Onn, for CCDC, said it had been well publicised in the plans over the last few years and there had been no objections at open meetings or by other means.

AH suggested it be mentioned in the forthcoming newsletter and responses invited. Notwithstanding this, the council is minded to support the application.

•  Visiting Keyworkers

JH had a request for a keyworker to visit to service the back up generators for BT. DH said this was an essential service and should be supported. The council agreed. JH will let council know of any such visits and they can be mentioned in the newsletter to keep the public informed.

•  A.G.M.

Is due. RC said they can be postponed. DH asked would funding be continued in the event of a postponement? RC said he would enquire .

It was decided that the next open meeting in 4 weeks time, Tuesday 2nd June be the AGM but with the proviso that this might be cancelled (the AGM status) in light of advice from Argyll and Bute Council.


DONM. Emergency Meeting on Tuesday 12th May @6pm.


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