Draft Minutes of Colonsay Community Council

Draft Minutes of Emergency Colonsay Community Council Meeting to discuss COVID-19 epidemic held on 28th April 2020 6pm

Convenor Keith Rutherford

Vice Convener Alex Howard

Treasurer David Hobhouse

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard

Richard Buttrick

Liz McNicholl

Helen Mann

Kevin Byrne

All present plus Donald MacNeill (Minute secretary)


1. Minutes of meeting 21/4/2020 were adopted.

There were no matters arising from previous minutes not discussed elsewhere.


2. Implementation of Lockdown.

•  Ferries

Colonsay will now be served by three ferries per week according to the Calmac published timetable.

•  Quarantine of incoming Goods

Following a trial period of increased vigilance regarding quarantining of goods arriving by van it was decided that procedures were unworkable as they increased the probability of goods being damaged while waiting in the van.

It was decided that the council would withdraw ideas for quarantining at MacLennan Motor's or Wilson's vans and encourage customers to be vigilant and introduce their own procedures in accordance with Gov recommendations.

It is hoped that customers will attend the van to collect urgent deliveries, eg. Food and the rest will be delivered in the normal way.

RB will include information in the newsletter.

•  MOWI statement. C/F to next meeting.

•  Community Feedback

The council received an e-mail from a member of the community expressing concern that social distancing regulations were not being observed.

•  Review of where Lockdown Stands

RB and JH expressed the council's opinion that the strategy was effective.

3. Community Resilience.

•  Community Resource Centre

LMN gave an outline as to how the new centre; the “Colonsay Hub” would function.

It will be sited in the old generator shed at Port Mor and will be managed by Ruby Weatherhead.

It will be an opportunity for Islanders to share games, magazines, books: anything as well as food (non perishable). Visitors to the hub will be expected to observe social distancing rules similar to these in operation in the shop and to sanitise hands when possible.

Further information will be promulgated by Ruby at the end of this week, including by e-mail. This will include details of how to contribute and use the Hub.

Colonsay estate are providing Ruby with transport.

e-m ail address: colonsayfoodbank@gmail.com

•  Community Mental Health.

It was decided to make contact with the current locum doctor and establish dialogue. JH.

4. SG Community Funding.

The money has arrived, but LMN had not had time to study detail. This is for the Hub, and wages for the employees who will be managing the hub and helping with interaction with mainland agencies.

JH asked if there was any information regarding money for the ‘buddies' expenses.

This does not appear to have been organised yet despite system having been running for some time.

5. Evolution of Lockdown.

RB asked ‘what is new normal?'

There followed a discussion of possible ways the lockdown reversal might unfold.

Key Points for Colonsay:

•  RB Needs of economy/business v protection of citizens

•  Position of 2nd home owners

•  Position of self-catering clients.

•  Islanders coming and going

•  Tradesmen and maintenance workers movement.

•  KB. Changes will be phased by govt.

•  DH. If virus arrived when the Island had 400 people it would be difficult to manage.

•  AH There are 4 Navy helicopters on standby to evacuate Corvid 19 patients.( This was not quoted as a way to deal with a mass outbreak of the virus but for information)

•  JH Need for guidance for people visiting the Island.

•  HM. Non-essential visitors should be discouraged for as long as possible.

6. Newsletter

Draft Newsletter was approved.

7. AOB

Public Meetings.

AH Suggested that, in light of feedback he had received, there was some disenchantment with the fact that meetings were not public. It was decided to hold normal monthly meeting in public (via zoom)

KB wondered if all meetings should be public.

RB There is no obligation to hold every meeting in public.


Next meeting 5th May 2020 will be public. Members of the public wishing to attend should contact RB. Details on the newsletter.


LMN proposed that the ‘new' arrangements be discussed with Chris Baker (driver). Council decided that it should be done through MacLennan's management procedures.

(AH will ring drivers) decided post meeting.

CCDC Moorings proposal, Request for letter of support from CCDC.

An e-mail was received from CCDC stating that they were a democratically elected company and thus represented the Island. They did regular consultation with the community and did not feel they needed to discuss every proposal.

It was pointed out that it may only be a minority of residents who are members.

The council were broadly in favour of the scheme and it will be discussed at the next meeting.

DONM. 5.5.2020 @ 6pm.


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