Draft Minutes of Colonsay Community Council

Draft Minutes of Emergency Colonsay Community Council Meeting to discuss COVID-19 epidemic held on 14th April 2020 6pm


Convenor Keith Rutherford

Vice Convener Alex Howard

Treasurer David Hobhouse

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard

Richard Buttrick

Liz McNicholl

Helen Mann

Kevin Byrne


All committee members were present plus Donald MacNeill minute secretary.

Minutes of 7th April

RB Stressed the need for the minutes of each meeting to be scrutinised. Members of the community are depending on the CC for information and it is essential that all information is as accurate as possible.

1. Matters arising from previous minute.

DH and HM have developed protocol for quarantining of goods vans. This was endorsed by the CC. (See item 2)

CC will make it clear that while they endorse government guidelines they are not in a position to enforce these.


2. Upgraded Lockdown

•  Protocol for Wednesday Ferry

DH has been in consultation regarding extra Wednesday ferries should some need arise, eg shop goods not arriving on Monday boat. This dialogue is ongoing and Calmac have been very co-operative in negotiations.

•  Quarantine Procedures

Appeared to work well. Community feedback went from firm support for new measures to firmly against but it is felt that the consensus was that new procedures were effective and worthwhile.

•  QuarantineGuidelines

RB and LMN will prepare an information sheet detailing recommended quarantine procedures for goods in MacLenan's and Wilson's vans. HM will duplicate and arrange distribution.

•  Royal Mail

Will be quarantined for 72 hours in a locked vehicle. Details will be worked out by Robbie(Postman) with help from Keith and Jane (Post office staff).



DH is liaising with the local manager in order to get a written copy of their quarantining procedures. This is ongoing.


4.Community Resilience.

•  Food Bank

This has been established.

There is a donations box for goods, and one for money in the shop.

•  Temporary Facilitators.

Two people have been tasked with :

Managing the food bank and

Helping applicants with Universal Credit applications and general interaction with beaurocracy. (Separate jobs)

This is a joint venture between CCDC and CCC.

An explanatory leaflet will be issued to advise people how to make use of these facilities. HM and LMN will meet with the new ‘facilitators' to thrash out the practical details.

An application has been made for Scottish government funding for these ventures but in the interim funds have been allocated from the Community Fund to allow the process to proceed.

•  Compliance with Scottish Government Covid 19 rules.

Various members of the council have been approached by members of the public regarding apparent breaches of the rules.

The council were agreed that they had no authority to ‘police' any such matters and their remit was to keep the community informed of current regulations and advice.

DH pointed out that the Community Council had no power to approve or otherwise any activities.

It was felt that individual members of the council were being asked to give their personal views on some matters. RB said that all CC are under scrutiny and it is important that the councillors speak with one voice.

•  Community Mental Health

RB suggested that as lockdown progresses the community should be aware of the possibility of an increase in mental health problems and possible breakdown in current support procedures, and try to come up with alternatives.

It was decided to explore this item more fully at the next meeting.


5. Funding.

The applications to the Scottish Government are being scrutinised. LMN is liaising with Dannie Onn of CCDC and it is hoped that there will be news in the near future.

6. Response when lockdown is lifted.

The council discussed a number of scenarios but until the strategy for lifting the lockdown becomes clear no firm suggestions were made.

7. Newsletter

Will go out on e-mail tomorrow, 15 th April, thanks to Richard and Helen, and by post on next round.

8. A.O.C.B

•  Kevin asked the CC's opinion on his annual sponsored McPhee climb in May. The CC felt that to be on the hills for up to 8 hours would contravene the guidelines but stressed that their position is to point to the Govt. guidelines.

•  KB wondered if the Island should be stocking face masks. LMN pointed out that the guidelines were not clear on the efficacy of masks and AH wondered if we might be taking them from a more needful (at present) recipient.

It was decided that KB would investigate availability and report.

•  AH raised Lady Pat Strathcona's funeral. The family wondered if it would be suitable to drive round the Island on the way to the graveyard. The CC felt this would not contravene the spirit of the guidelines and would be a fitting way for the community to show their respect.

Kevin proposed a vote of sympathy to the family, this was seconded by all members.

9. DONM Tuesday 21st April 2020 @ 6pm.


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