Draft Minutes of Colonsay Community Council

Draft Minutes of Emergency Colonsay Community Council Meeting to discuss COVID-19 epidemic held on 7th April 2020

Tuesday 7th April 2020 at 6pm by phone / Zoom


Convenor Keith Rutherford

Vice Convener Alex Howard. (Joined meeting at 6.30pm)

Treasurer David Hobhouse

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard

Richard Buttrick

Liz McNicholl

Helen Mann

Kevin Byrne

Donald MacNeill – minute secretary.


Keith Rutherford missed most of the meeting due to technical problems, Alex Howard chaired the meeting.


•  Minutes of meeting 31st March 2020 were accepted.

•  Review of community consultation.

The community council conducted telephone interviews with the community over the weekend 3rd to 5th April, particularly to test Island views on the suggestion, from the GPs, that ferry services be restricted to Mondays and Fridays, and to receive any other feedback from the community.

This suggestion met with a favourable response in general: a number of points were raised.


There was a lengthy discussion regarding the risk from handling mail. It was decided that Liz Mc Nicholl would research best practice and prepare a statement thereafter Islanders would make their own decisions. It was felt that mail presented a low but significant risk of infection.

•  Action Liz.

Keith Rutherford will ascertain Royal Mail policy.

•  Action Keith.

*See item 4 for further actions on consultation

•  Actions to implement upgraded lockdown .

David Hobhouse has been consulting with Donald McKillop regarding the proposal to run an amendment to the amended timetable.

Concern was expressed that by cancelling the Wednesday ferry there would be no vessel to run a relief sailing should the Monday sailing be compromised. DH will seek clarification on this point.

•  Action David.

It was pointed out that the emergency timetable runs for a few weeks at a time and the situation is fluid requiring regular re-assessment.

DH will contact Donald McKillop again and report to the council.

It was suggested we contact Coll and find out how they are dealing with situation. HM will do this.

•  Action Helen.

It was noted that Pauline and Chris Baker are very much in the front line, as are pier workers and postal workers, and their work is very much appreciated.

The proposed freight arrangements are:

Monday van with mail and food only.

Friday 2 vans, one with food, one with general freight.

•  Matters arising from Community Consultation.

Workers Island Access

MOWI. (Fish Farm)

DH understood they had systems in place whereby ‘mainland' workers did not interact with the local workers.

They are not permitted in the shop and Liam McNeill does their shopping.

RB suggested we get a statement from Ali the local manager in order to re-assure the public.

Ali offered any help MOWI were able to provide.

Scottish Water

Will need to send a team over to do essential maintenance. This is liable to

require less than a week on the Island.

Similarly BT may require to visit.

HM suggested that we need to add a caveat to any agreement with Calmac in order that a Wednesday ferry could run if required by essential workers.


Unidentified Vehicles

During consultation some locals expressed concern to RB about “strange vehicles” on the Island. Council did not think this was a major problem but everyone should be vigilant.

RB also reported concerns about Vet supplies, Medical supplies.


MacLennan's van

Should be locked when not being used.

•  Scottish Government Community Funding.

LMN consulted with Dannie Onn, the Island lead who has heard nothing to date.


As government funding is not yet forthcoming it was decided to allocate £500 from the community fund to start this off. LMN and HM will co-ordinate this project.

Confidential e-mail address : colonsay15@btinternet.com

Helen and Liz will discuss with Keir the best way to move this forward including how to donate food/essential items or money.

•  Action Helen/Liz.


DH had been asked by a member of the public to ascertain if sufficient oxygen supplies are on the island.

(In order not to cause any anxiety the minute secretary contacted the GP surgery. The health board have provided additional oxygen and contingency supplies to provide for present situation.)

6. Response when shutdown is lifted C/F.

7. Newsletter.

RB circulated a draft copy of the newsletter. This will be finalised tomorrow for circulation by post/e-mail. Effort should be made to ensure this reaches everyone present on the Island.

8. D.O.N.M. Tuesday 13th @6pm

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