Draft Minutes of Colonsay Community Council

Draft Minutes of Emergency Colonsay Community Council Meeting to discuss COVID-19 epidemic held on 31st March 2020

Tuesday 31st March 2020 at 6pm by phone / Zoom

Convenor Keith Rutherford

Vice Convener Alex Howard. (Joined meeting at 6.30pm)

Treasurer David Hobhouse

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard

Richard Buttrick

Liz McNicholl

Helen Mann

Kevin Byrne

1. Minute of previous meeting was accepted.


2. Reporting to Scottish Government – Priority Requests –

RB. A request was submitted that 2nd home owners not registered with the doctor should be encouraged not to isolate on the Island.

JH stated that message seems to have been received and people are observing national guidelines.

Tesco deliveries . As it is impossible to get off the Island to shop the CC agreed that the next priority request (one is allowed each day) should refer to click and collect slots.

JH commented that Keir (local shop) is not, at present having difficulty with supplies.

Calmac timetable.

It was agreed that this was satisfactory. JH commented that one later departure from Oban would make deliveries easier.

Brogans (Oil supplies)

Brogan's have offered to send as many tankers as necessary to fulfil heating needs. The ferry will lie over for a few hours on Friday 3rd to facilitate this.

There was an extensive discussion regarding petrol supplies. This is a CCDC remit and KR will ascertain the level of supplies. No one reported any shortage.

Bins, Recycling

Recycling has been suspended. AH stated that there is a volunteer who would be happy to collect recycling.

RB to contact Council for approval, or otherwise. Recycling was identified as a potential long term problem, impacting on regular refuse quantities. Normal refuse collection will continue under council remit. C.C. will advise A&B council of the opportunity on Friday to do a bin collection on ‘one boat'. RB to advise Mr Crookes.(A&B)

KR noted that not everyone washes recycling. This was identified as a potential health problem.


3. Scottish Government Community Funding.

This is a fund to assist communities with consequences arising from lockdown. Various island organisations are submitting bids.

The community council is submitting 3 bids.

LMN. Funding for a post (worker) to advise people trying to access Universal Credit. This is a very difficult process.

LMN. Funding (£2400) to establish a food bank, and funding for worker to organise and oversee this.

AH wondered should the community fund be used but any monetary awards would affect Universal Credit applications.

JH. A bid for £4000 to cover expenses of volunteers delivering food and medicine to 36 vulnerable members of community.

Dannie Onn is applying on community's behalf through CCDC.

LMN will liaise with Dannie and keep Community Council informed.


4. Mobile Networks – generators-

AH will contact suppliers to find out what the situation is, and if a local person be employed to start generator in the event of a mains failure?

2 mains generators were seen arriving on the Island, presumably to be utilised by SSE operatives.


5. GP recruitment.

Dave and Jan (Binnie and Brooks) are staying on as locums, thanks, until first mainland locum arrives. Recruitment process is stalled during present crisis. See 7.


6. R esponse when shut down lifted.

Carried forward.


7. Community Communications.

There was a consensus among councillors that members of the community were finding difficulty in making their voices heard. This has led to some heated and unpleasant one to one discussions.

KB argued strongly that a ‘what's app' group be initiated in order that everyone (with a phone or a tablet) be able to contribute. There was a robust discussion and it was decided that this was not something the C.C. should do.

Similarly it was felt that posting on the Facebook Community Noticeboard was not appropriate as this page is open to the wider community.

It was decided that:

A summary of meetings/information would be sent by post and e-mail.

RB will prepare statement, including thanks to Dave and Jan.

Recipients should have the option of opting out of paper version for the future.

HM will prepare paper copies.

KB will post minutes on Community Council website.


Any Other Business.

JH has been approached by NHS regarding accommodation for keyworkers. This would be legal. She wondered what the community council view on this was. It was decided to accept advice from GP on this matter. JH to contact.

Next Meeting will be Tuesday 7 th April at 6pm.


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