Draft Minutes of Colonsay Community Council

Draft Minutes of Emergency Colonsay Community Council Meeting to discuss COVID-19 epidemic held on 24 th March 2020


Convenor Keith Rutherford

Vice Convener Alex Howard

Treasurer David Hobhouse

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard

Richard Buttrick

Liz McNicholl

Helen Mann

Kevin Byrne

Minute Sec. Donald MacNeill


Role of CCC during Coronavirus Crisis.

After lengthy and robust discussion it was decided that the main role of CCC was to convey clear and unambiguous information from government to the community and, importantly vice versa.

Committee members will be happy to receive comment from members of the public by e-mail, or phone which they will feed into the process.


It was suggested that information be conveyed by e-mail, posting on the community facebook page and by letter. It was stressed how important it is that everyone should receive these communications. It was also suggested that the ‘advocates' who have been organised by the doctors have a part to play in keeping elderly people informed.


Clarity and enforcement of ‘non-essential travel” ban.

JH commented that traffic had stopped following the announcements by the Scottish Government.

HM stated that some of the community have expressed concern about some 2nd home owners who are on the Island. DH suggested that we couldn't ‘evict' them.

KR wondered about essential visitors eg. Brogans, or electricians etc.


Scribes Note.

Calmac have today (after the CCC meeting) posted the following:


“As of this morning anyone travelling to Colonsay from the mainland will be asked to.


1. Prove they are a resident by showing driving license, utility bill etc.

2. Prove they are a key worker by producing a letter stating this.


This is  currently not the case on the outgoing leg to assist non essential personnel and visitors  to leave the island.”


It was the mood of the meeting that there was some ambiguity about the legal position regarding stopping people coming to the Island.


Reporting to Scottish Government on Covid 19 Islands Resilience Communications template.

RB explained that submissions can be made on a template. One major issue per day can be reported.

The following issues were deemed to be the most urgent:

•  Enforcement of non-essential travel ban.

•  Frequency of the ferry service, this impacts directly on essential supplies of food, drugs, animal feed etc. JH suggested a ferry leaving Oban late in the day would be helpful.

•  Lack of ‘slots' for click and collect from Tesco.


Richard (RB) will prepare draft submissions, one per day to be submitted. Obviously if a more pressing matter arises that will be given priority.


KB asked that Keir Johnston be included in discussions as food supply is essential and timing of ferries will impact on his suppliers.His general input would be welcome.


Contingency Plan


•  Funerals

•  Essential Supplies

•  Sharing of Essential Supplies

•  Ferry delays, cancellations.


These issues were flagged up by RB.



KB. Church is not allowed to be used. He has a pro-forma funeral service available for DIY funerals. Bob Pocklington also has a copy.

RB wondered who would deal with ‘practicalities' KB said an exception was being made for Funeral Directors which would presumably cover this.


Essential Supplies

JH felt that the Island was very resilient and used to coping with ferry delays. LMN suggested that problems may arise which are as yet unforeseen which was agreed.

RB felt it was important that community should share supplies if the need arose. (Item 3)


Ferry Delays

It was felt that the Island could cope with delays.


Alex Howard said he had ‘rescued' his plane from the mainland. It was fuelled up and he was willing to use it in the event of emergencies. This offer was gratefully received by the council.


Response when shut down is lifted.

This item will be carried forward until nearer the time, but should be addressed each week.


Community Communications.

It was felt to be vitally important that the community is kept informed of developments by:






RB suggested a circular bringing the community up to date on the current state of affairs. This was agreed.


The what's app COBRA would continue to be used as a communications tool for key people. Some councillors felt that the tone of discussion had become heated and another group should be formed for general submissions. This will be discussed next week.

RB suggested a circular be prepared to inform the community of our position at present.


Scribes Note.

It should be possible to compile a list of people without e-mail, ask if everyone else is happy to receive e-mail updates and reduce the amount of paper.

Also, in matters of urgency it would be good to know who did not use e-mail and they could be telephoned.

Next Meeting. Tuesday March 31st @ 7pm

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